The Mission of the BDPA Indianapolis chapter is to be the premier leader in STEM that engages, empowers, and drives thought leadership for our diverse community.

The Vision of the Indianapolis BDPA is to be the premier leader in STEM that engages, empowers, and drives thought leadership for our diverse community.

Through authentic and relevant coaching and mentoring, the Indy Chapter of BDPA will enhance the skills and capability of its members by providing training, workshops, and networking opportunities.

Members will gain exposure into the STEM industry thus providing ample opportunities to learn, grow and gain the support needed to success in the industry. The Indy Chapter of BDPA prides itself on being the forerunner in STEM education. Members and the community alike will greatly enhance their influence, career opportunities, education, and partnership through the Indy Chapter of BDPA’s innovative and relevant services.

BDPA Indianapolis Chapter Highlights from the
2017 BDPA Technology Conference & Career Fair 

BPDA Indianapolis Chapter Member, Terry Morris was elected BDPA National President at the 2017 BDPA Technology Conference. 

BDPA Indianapolis Chapter Members; Deja Lindsey received the first prize for IT Showcase College Award.  Lauren Ravenell was awarded second place for the College Award.  Rahil Thanawala of the Indianapolis Chapter received first prize for IT showcase High School Award.   Kaylin Johnson was awarded second place for the high school award.

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2018 BDPA Indianapolis Officers

Chapter President
Delano Robinson

VP of Strategy
Nate Bolden

VP of Finance
Jamal Handy

VP of Membership
George Whitfield

VP of Student Programs
Jeff Musgrove

BDPA Indianapolis Leadership Team
Rupal Thanawala
Erika Motley
Daniel Pierson
Takiyah Cooper
Kortney Cartwright
Evan Parker
Lisa Johnson 


The BDPA Indianapolis Chapter is one of over 50 chapters across the country that is established to fulfill the mission of our National organization and its founders. We want to advance IT professionals’, entrepreneurs’ and students’ careers from the classroom to the boardroom.

The BDPA Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Programs offer training classes, seminars and hands-on activities on technology topics to BDPA Indianapolis members, elementary, high school and college students in the Indianapolis community.

BDPA gives professionals, executives, entrepreneurs and students an IT career pathway from the “Classroom to the Boardroom”. Through education, mentoring, services and business networking, BDPA promotes innovation, technical skills, business savvy and personal growth.

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