STEM Programs

BDPA seeks to effectively use technology to stimulate and sustain the interest of young people in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) education while at the same time opening up their career awareness within the IT industry. BDPA engages partners in the business, K-12 and higher education, and other community organizations in its efforts to advance the careers of African Americans in the IT industry from the classroom to the boardroom. BDPA envisions the possibility that all K-16 students are interested in and ready for STEM careers and that a high percentage of STEM jobs are filled by educated students in our region.


BDPA is committed to prepare our children for careers in science and engineering long before they are of college age. BDPA has a number of programs that enrich the pre-college STEM curriculum in the nation’s K-12 school systems, and encourage young students to take the requisite courses for careers in those fields. While the lack of preparation crosses all demographics, it is particularly acute in under-served communities.

We encourage you to find a way to support BDPA programs as either a volunteer or donor.